Our governance is comprised of three structures working collaboratively to deliver on STRIDE’s research vision, principles and work program. The governance committees, with input from service partners, will guide the further prioritisation and design of research projects, and knowledge translation generation and translation activities within and across our Research Programs.


The purpose of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Committee is to provide input and high-level strategic oversight of STRIDE.  Of chief concern is to uphold Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership in decision making, and the meaningful engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and services in the design, implementation and translation of research activities.   This committee is comprised of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Chief and Associate Investigators as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers, practitioners, Elders, advocates for health and health research, and students.   The membership is open to anyone interested – for more information please contact us.


Comprised of experienced researchers, practitioners, policy makers and both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous people, this group is drawn upon for high-level strategic guidance and linkages to STRIDE.  It provides input regarding international and national trends and developments in quality improvement and systems thinking research methods, and evidence-based research translation and knowledge transfer and implementation. It oversees evaluation activities and cross-theme learning.


Comprising all Chief and Associate Investigators, the Management Committee ensures STRIDE’s effective operation by managing resources, monitoring performance, implementing the directions set by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Committee, and supporting STRIDE members to meet their objectives.