STRIDE Research Capacity Strengthening Webinars

Reflecting with relationships, hearts, minds & spirits: Interim findings from the STRIDE Developmental Evaluation 

Presenter: Dr Tessa Benveniste (STRIDE Evaluation Fellow)

An overview of the CRE-STRIDE Developmental Evaluation and how it is being conducted.  

Lowitja Institute’s Tools to Support Culturally Safe Evaluation

Presenters: Alice Melmeth and Belinda Griffiths (Lowitja Institute)

These practical guides, tools and templates have been developed in support of a Lowitja Institute approach to the effective, ethical and culturally safe evaluation of programs and policies that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  

Ngarraanga Giinganay (‘thinking peacefully’)

Presenter: Uncle Terry Donovan and Louise Lavrencic (NeuRA)

Co-design of a culturally-grounded mindfulness-based stress-reduction program with older Aboriginal Australians.

Keeping our mob well in the digital space: the WellMob website

Presenter: Talah Laurie and David Edwards

The WellMob website with Talah Laurie and David Edwards.

Enhancing equitable developmental services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: The ASQ-TRAK developmental screening tool

Presenter: Dr Anita D’Aprano


Using Aboriginal healing techniques for wellbeing

Presenter: Deb Munson


Incorporating native foods for better nutrition and health outcomes

Presenter: Dietitian/nutritionist Tracy Hardy